September 2017

New data sets at the RDC:

In the upcoming weeks we will be receiving new data sets and surveys at the York Research Data Centre.  Please see the information below.  Researchers interested in accessing these data sets are encouraged to submit proposals!

Longitudinal Administrative Databank (LAD) available

The Longitudinal Administrative Databank - a sample of individual taxfilers with a longitudinal design - is now available for download and can be accessed by researchers with approved projects.

CCHS & Vital Statistics - Death database

As part of its record linkage program, Statistics Canada linked the Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS) cycles 1.1 – 2011, and CCHS Focus Content cycles on mental health (1.2) and healthy aging (4.2), to the Canadian Vital Statistics Death Database (CVSD) for years 2000 to 2011. The linking of Statistics Canada survey data to administrative data creates a valuable dataset that can provide answers to important research questions that cannot be found in survey or administrative data alone.

The Vital Statistics Death Database is an administrative survey that collect demographic information annually on all deaths in Canada.  Responding to these surveys is mandatory, with a central Vital Statistics Registry in each province and territory providing data to Statistics Canada. These are excellent sources of information for researchers interested in analyzing deaths, diseases and health conditions, population demographics, and life expectancies. 

For further details, please go to the information pages on Statistics Canada website:


The York RDC is now accepting proposals for work with this data.   For information on the application process, please visit: 

2021 Census Content Consultation

Statistics Canada is conducting the 2021 Census content public consultation from September 11 to December 8 2017. Invitations to participate have been emailed to individuals and organizations who are known census data users. Statistics Canada is seeking feedback on census content from representatives in federal, provincial, territorial and municipal governments; First Nations, Métis and Inuit communities and organizations; academics; non-governmental organizations; and private businesses. Statistics Canada will also reach out to the general public through its website, social media accounts and regional offices. All participants in this public consultation will complete the same electronic questionnaire.
The public consultation will gather valuable information on the relevance of the census, the extent of users’ needs, populations of interest, suitability of alternative data sources, multivariate analysis, comparability across Canada, continuity over time and the required frequency of outputs.
For more information please visit the 2021 Census content consultation website at

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