Statistical Consulting Service

SCS Announcement for Summer 2018

For those clients attempting to make appointments via the SCS Appointment Scheduler, please note that in the summer months, May – August inclusive, SCS consulting activities will be changed for the following consultants:

  • Mirka Ondrack: NOT available July 30 – September 19;  scheduled times otherwise
  • Georges Monette: available at reduced  hours in August
  • Hugh McCague: generally available at scheduled times (except for August 20 – 31)
  • Michael Friendly: generally available at scheduled times after August 8th
  • Rob Cribbie: available ONLY via
  • Dave Flora : available ONLY via e-mail:
  • Bryn Greer-Wootten: NOT available July 30 – September 16; scheduled times otherwise
  • Xin Gao: available ONLY via e-mail:
  • Stella Park: available ONLY via e-mail:
  • PLEASE NOTE: ALL other consultants are NOT available in this period

The SCS Appointment Scheduler will return to normal operations after September 5, 2018

On-line Appointment Scheduler

ISR provides two types of support for researchers undertaking empirical research at York University. One type of support is highly individualized and is principally provided through individual meetings with the Statistical Consulting Services (SCS) faculty and staff. The other type of support is broader and provided principally through the ISR non-credit courses, organized by the SCS.

Individual consulting services are provided by a group of faculty and graduate student interns drawn from York’s Departments of Sociology, Psychology, Geography, and Mathematics and Statistics, in conjunction with full-time professional staff at the Institute for Social Research.

Our faculty, students, and staff have extensive experience in all forms of statistical analysis and a wide range of statistical software.

Consulting Topics for which assistance is available include:

  • Research and sample design
  • Qualitative research methods
  • Survey data and survey sampling
  • Questionnaire design
  • Data screening, statistical graphics
  • Regression, ANOVA and other linear models
  • Multivariate analysis (factor analysis, PCA, cluster analysis)
  • Categorical data analysis
  • Longitudinal and multi-level data
  • Structural equation models
  • Statistical computing using SAS, SPSS, Stata, and R
  • Meta-Analysis
  • Qualitative Analysis using NVivo (11 for Windows)

To make an appointment to see a consultant, check the on-line Appointment Scheduler link.

For more information about SCS Services, check out the FAQ page, or contact:

Professor David Flora, Joint Co-ordinator,  Email:

Statistical Consulting Service
Institute for Social Research
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Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Telephone: 416-736-5061
Facsimile: 416-736-5749